An app design that could save lives


HeroBlood is an app developed to enable busy students and young professionals to donate blood within their busy lives.

Fully developed functionality


The app has been through a full user journey to ensure it follows a simple to use path of navigation. 

Earn Points and become a Hero


Each user has a Hero level. Users earn levels through donating and referring friends which results in them receiving hero points.  


Information design

Part of the app design was to include live statistics from the local blood reserve banks as well as personal yearly reflection charts.


Health Kit integration

 To really hone into the usability of the app, HeroBlood can be linked to the user's health kit within their phone to enable custom icons to be used allowing blood type to be displayed on their phone.  


Tutorial screens

The tutorial screens have been created to not only assist the user in the process of the app but the entire donation process. Users can go through the tutorial page by page or they can go skip the tutorial.  

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