Hip-Hop History

An insight into Hip-Hop Culture

Hip-Hop History is a four book collection on the history

of Hip-Hop culture looking at DJing, MCing, Breakdancing

and Graffiti. The book collection is supplied with a timeline

which was held inside a gold sleeve. This project was an

extensive research task which allowed me to become the

author as well as the designer.

About Us


Using the context for visual identity

While looking through Hip-Hop's MCing history, I created spreads of information which used deconstructed bars from rap lyrics. The content and context were the driving force for these books.


Exploration through time

While the books offer a History of the Hip-Hop culture, the timeline acted as a summary of all the influences merging together to create the scene we now know as Hip-Hop. The markers on the timeline resemble the colour scheme for each of the books e.g Red being MCing.


Custom Type

Whilst developing the editorial collection, I also developed a font which was used to evoke Hip-hop through out the books. The font was a mix of marker and spray can lettering cleaned up in vector software.