My name is Satnam Bansal. I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in London, England. 

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HeroBlood App

HeroBlood is a social app which motivates people to donate blood by allowing them to see the good they do. 

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Satpal Photography

 This is a branding project created for Satpal Photography. Satpal is a wedding photographer and fashion photographer. 

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Hip-Hop History

Hip-Hop History is a five-part editorial project which investigates the cultural evolution of Hip-Hop over it’s lifetime. 

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About Me

Graphic Design (Ba) Graduate


I am a Graphic Design graduate from Ravensbourne with a First-Class degree. While studying, I have been able to expand my knowledge on design practices and history.



I am a multi-disciplinary designer who constantly develops skills in graphic design, Illustration, 3D design, motion design and Video-game development. 



My approach to design is more than just visual. I look to create a narrative which helps drive the client's needs forward. My mindset is a hybrid of visual design and story-driven meaning.

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Email: info@satnamb.com